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Absolutely! You can start the online course without your G1, and begin the In-Car training once you get your G1. Please note that the Ministry of Transportation requires that courses be completed within one year in order to be eligible for certification. You must ensure you give yourself enough time to obtain the G1 and complete 10 hours of In-Car training.

As required by the Ministry of Transportation, a minimum of ten (10) hours are to be completed for certification eligibility. Many students do find that these 10 hours are enough, but every student has a different learning abilities and learns at a different pace. Your In-car instructor will advise you if extra practice is needed. If you feel that ten hours are not enough, we offer additional individual driving lessons as well as packages for extra practice. You can call our office to purchase additional hours if you feel that they are needed. It is our recommendation to practice at home as well. The more you drive, the more confident you will be in yourself when it comes to your road test. 

Yes, you can join the course any weekday or weekend. Students may start the online course at anytime after confirming from driving school.
Online course completion is not a requirement for beginning your In-Car training. We allow our students to do both course components at the same time to allow for faster course completion. You may begin your In-Car lessons before or after completing the theory course. It’s your choice!
If you take our Ministry approved course, you will be eligible for your G2 road test 8 months after the issue date of your G1. Otherwise, you must wait a minimum of one year to take your G2 test, but getting your Beginner Driver Education certificate (BDE) will reduce the waiting period by four months and, you get the discount in Insurance after finishing your course as well.

Yes, we have flexible installment plans available; however the full balance must be paid prior to beginning the In-Car training. Please contact our office to find out more about payment plans.
To book a road test, you may visit or call 1-888-570-6110. You may also purchase either package #2 or #3 and have your instructor assist you with the booking process. You can book your road test through North Simcoe Driving School website as well.

We’re accepting the payment by Cash, Cridet Card / Visa, Master Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay, Android Pay and Interact e-transfer.

You need to finish 20 hours online course and 10 hours home link assignment the maximum you could do is 5 hours per day.

We offer Beginner Driving Education (BDE) which has three packages available Package #1, Package #2, Package # 3, we also offer individual In-Car lessons for G2 or G.

You must have a Driver’s License History (DLH) certificate, which you will be getting from Service Ontario for a fee, after you finish your full course at driving school. Then, you contact to any Insurance company.

Your insurance discount is based on a few factors: First (DLH Certificate), Second (Your Insurance Company), Third (Your Driving Record), Fourth (Your Age), Fifth (Type of Car you Drive which includes: Year Model, Color of your Car, and Make), Sixth (City you Lived In) and lastly based on features you’re getting from Insurance company.  

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