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Driving School Policy

In-Car Driving Lessons Policy

  • North Simcoe Driving School offers driving lessons 7 days a week starting from 8 AM till Sunset (depending on daylight saving).
  • Driving School may ask your personal information such as: Your Driver’s License, Name, Address, Email Address, Phone number & Driving History to fulfill the purpose of your interaction with us.
  • Student can only get minimum of 1 hour or maximum of 2 hours of driving lesson per day.
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off for In-Car lessons will be the same pickup location such as: home address, work, or school.
  • In certain situations, like when a student lives in an area where instructors can’t give driving lessons because of City Rules, the student and instructor will meet at a different place outside that area to do the driving lessons. Make sure to talk about this with your instructor.
  • If the weather condition is bad in winter, the driving lesson might be cancelled by the instructor. The student won’t be charged for this. The instructor is the only one who decides if the weather is too bad to have the lesson.

Driving Lesson Cancellations

  • Driving lessons are scheduled between the student and the assigned instructor. Cancellation must be made 24-hours in advance to the instructor.
  • If you cancel late or don’t show up, there’s a fee of $40.00 for schedule hour. You need to pay this fee before you can schedule your next driving lesson after missing one.
  • Remember: All fees must be paid in full to the driving school before starting your In-Car lessons.
  • Your instructor may cancel or reschedule your In-Car lesson due to illness, personal emergency, weather, extreme road conditions, unexpected mechanical issues with the vehicle, or if they’re delayed by a Road Test at the DriveTest Center. If any of this happens there is No charge to the student.


  • North Simcoe Driving School will not certify a student if, the student does not complete the BDE Program within the Ministry of Transportation’s mandates.
  • Getting certified depends on you finishing all parts of the BDE Course successfully. To get the certificate, you need to finish the whole program in ONE YEAR. This means you must do 30 hours of online theory training (and pass the online tests) with an average score of at least 70%, do 10 hours of home-link (with a minimum score of 70%), and complete 10 In-Car training sessions.
  • Driving schools are no longer provided the BDE certificate since 2008. Once you complete your course, you need to contact to Local Service Ontario and obtain a Driver’s License History (DLH) for a fee of $12. This report will show that you have completed Beginners Driver Education Program.
  • Students can also get the Driver’s License History (DLH) online by: Click here to order online

Road Test Booking

  • You can book your road test here: Book Road Test Now
  • If a Road Test is cancelled by the DriveTest center before the instructor picks up the student on the day of their test, No charges will apply.

Refund Policy

  • You can get your money back for a course if you ask within the first 15 minutes of starting the BDE course (but there’s a $75 administration fee). To get the refund, you need to send a written request with a proof that you paid.
  • To ask for a refund, send an email to: The school will take about 7 days to give you the refund, and they’ll use the same way you paid in the first place.
  • You need to finish your BDE course within a year from when you signed up. After a year, you can’t get your money back, and you won’t get the services anymore. If you’re not sure about something, (Contact Us).

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